Keco K-Beam Jr. Mini Bridge Lifter with Adapters


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The KECO K-Beam Jr. provides controlled power and leverage to pull large dents just likes its big brother. The adjustable crease feet give technicians the ability to work creases with unrivaled control and precision. The sustained pulling provides the ability to continue work around dents and creases with knockdowns to release tension for the most challenging repairs.
Threaded Lifter with Knob and Hex Nut – hand turn for precise tension or use a power drill for quick adjustments
Locking Sliding Saddle – angles up to 60º and slides allowing pulls on hard to reach places
Sliding Padded Crease Feet – two feet slide the length of the bridge and provide techs the ability to hold down the metal on either side of a crease
Lightweight, High-Strength, Compact Body – minimal weight and portability for easy storage, transportation, and maneuvering
Includes 2 Adapters - supports all standard size PDR hail and crease tabs, KECO Super Tabs, Centipedes, and Black Plague Crease tabs
Length 11.8" / 300 mm 

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